Top 5 places to eat sushi in Glasgow

Sushi by Francesco Gavello

Glasgow is well known for its deep fried cuisine – everything from mars bars, cream eggs and pizza to ice-cream – its haggis, neeps and tatties, and its chips with cheese. Yet, this is a city where a visitor can find food from anywhere in the world, cooked authentically. In a series that will explore Indian, Italian, and Spanish restaurants in Glasgow, I will start with a review of the best sushi places. Here’s our top-five list, in reverse order:

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Breakfast in Glasgow

Ten great breakfasts in the city

Breakfast in Glasgow by zoetnet

To prepare for a day exploring Glasgow’s many attractions or to recover from an evening sampling the local- beer and- whisky, anyone would need a hearty breakfast. Thankfully, Glasgow is a good friend to the traveller, the student and the- flaneur and has the whole spectrum of breakfast on offer.

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Ashton Lane

Quick guide to eating in Glasgow

Ashton Lane 3 by Dithie

You ran out of ideas about what and where to eat in Glasgow? You don’t know the city very well but are hungry? You want a culinary experience in your trip? Visit Glasgow comes to your rescue-

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