Oran Mor

Part of Alisdair Gray’s mural on the ceiling of Oran Mor by Suzie Wong

I’ve been fortunate enough to live in the West End for almost 10 years and have been very lucky to see one of Scotland’s most stunning multi purpose venues flourish right before my very eyes. I’ve also been privileged to attend a brilliant Burns Supper there, lots of gigs, private parties – I recall host charity events affectionately and I remember the opening night, taking in the wonder of it all and having a really great time with my girlfriends. Colin Beattie, the proprietor is really onto something. He’s a visionary with a veritable team of brilliant individuals working with him.

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Burlesque and the city

miss hell’s belle by piglicker

Glasgow is a dear green place. Glasgow is rainy, friendly, and unique. But I bet that what you do not know is that Glasgow has a titillating secret: it is one of the burlesque centres of Europe. When you think about it, it makes sense: the cheek, the humour, even the parody are all there to be seen.

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Michael Redmond

Standup Comedy in Glasgow

Michael Redmond by Shetland Arts

If, like me, you’re a scowling misanthrope who hates all music, art and sport, you might want to try some standup comedy. The main joy of comedy is in the jazz-like poise of a performer’s delivery but, if you’re lucky, they might talk about cocks as well. Brilliant.

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