Glasgow as a film scene

Don’t Walk by I like

August of 2011 saw an attempt to transform George Square into the streets of Philadelphia as the film shooting of a new blockbuster – an adaptation of Max Brook’s World War Z – began then. –┬áNext year, presumably, when the film comes out, we’ll see if the attempt was a success.

It is worth mentioning that 2011 was productive for Glasgow in a cinematic sense, as just after World War Z, in September, the city saw Halle Berry on set of another Hollywood film adaptation, David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and, in October, Scarlet Johansson was ready to star in the filming of Michel Faber’s creepy novel Under the Skin.

However, it is not just 2011 what allows Glasgow to be proud of, and boast about the hosting of big production films. Let’s mention some of those made in past decades.

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Dear green place: a walk in the parks of Glasgow

Kelvingrove by Knowxman

In Gaelic, Glasgow means ‘dear green place’ so now that the weather is beginning to brighten up, I am going to have a written walk through some of the [over] 90 parks in the city.

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Glasgow Necropolis

The Necropolis

Necropolis 1 by _gee_

Most cities have graveyards, but very few can boast of a city of the dead, or what is the same, a necropolis. An even more lurid detail is that Glasgow has two: the Necropolis and the Southern Necropolis, but, today, we will concentrate on the classic one.

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