Glasgow Questions

What is the most unique thing about Glasgow?
There are many things that make Glasgow unique: fro its accent, to it’s architecture but perhaps, as an urban space, what is most prominent for the visitor is the contrasts the city presents in very short spaces. One can walk from Garnethill to the Merchant City in 15 minutes but the ambiance (the bars, the shops, the buildings, the people) is completely different. Sometimes, this happens in a single street, as with Argyle Street/Trongate.

What is Glasgow’s distinctive stamp?
I think its architecture and town planning is its most distinctive thing: the motorway that breaks the city’s centre in half, the grid system, the 19th century buildings and, of course, the art nouveau of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Why travel to Glasgow?
Because it is a city that has something for everyone: from very interesting restaurants, to designer shops, it is good for conferences and events, its cultural offer is enviable (there are festivals going on all the time), it is fantastic for sports and outdoor activities (it will host the 2014 Commonwealth Games), it has 4 universities and many colleges so the population is diverse and vibrant.

What would you recommend seeing when visiting Glasgow?
For 24 hours in the city, I would recommend seeing The Glasgow School of Art (Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s masterpiece), then walk to the West End to see the University and Mackintosh’s house at the Hunterian Gallery. Lunch somewhere in Ashton Lane (The Ubiquitous Chip is Visit Glasgow’s favourite there). After some afternoon shopping around Great Western Road or Byers Road, take the subway (which is called the Clockwork Orange) to St Enoch’s Square and have a walk at dusk around the Necropolis to finish off with dinner in the Merchant City (Cafe Gandolfi for something Special or 13th Note for something more informal).

How is the high unemployment felt?
I have not read the latest figures but I think high unemployment is only felt in certain sectors or certain areas of the city. The Media sector and services, for example, are booming.

What is affected by the high unemployment?
That is quite difficult to say or see on the city but one of the things that are clearly visible following the financial crisis is the closing down of certain shops in the city centre. These, however, are big flagship stores for global chains and small businesses and boutique shops remain. The unemployment may also be seen by the amount of people in the street during office hours.

If you were to describe Glasgow in one word…?

Do Glasgow’s inhabitants have any specific “styles” or unique attributes?
Glasgow folk are very friendly. It is common for them to stop and help if they see tourists trying to find places. They speak to each other in pubs and share merriment. The language is quite unique too. There is also a section of the younger population which is quite style and design conscious as you can see, for example, in the images shared by Les Garcons de Glasgow.