The Kelvingrove Museum

Heads at Kelvingrove Museum by bob the lomond

You have a few hours to kill and want to be indoors, dry and warm, but engaged? Have you travelled to Glasgow with your family and you want to soak up the culture? Are you interested in art and history? If either of these applies to your visit – and in many other circumstances too – you should visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

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Breakfast in Glasgow

Ten great breakfasts in the city

Breakfast in Glasgow by zoetnet

To prepare for a day exploring Glasgow’s many attractions or to recover from an evening sampling the local- beer and- whisky, anyone would need a hearty breakfast. Thankfully, Glasgow is a good friend to the traveller, the student and the- flaneur and has the whole spectrum of breakfast on offer.

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Voltaire & Rousseau

Top Ten Bookshops in Glasgow

Voltaire and Rousseau by Neil Scott

With the Aye Write book festival in full swing, we thought it would worth putting together a list of the ten best bookshops in Glasgow. You will be able to flick through old or new — but always resonably priced — books, buy the latest from authors featured in the festival or get out of your comfort zone and read something marvellous and unexpected.

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Babbity Bowster

A drink (or two) in the Merchant City

Babbity Bowster by Lost in Scotland

If you haven’t yet, you should have a drink or two in one of the trendiest parts of Glasgow: the Merchant City. While the West End has a truly unique vibe (it is, oh, so very Glasgow), the Merchant City sometimes feels like downtown New York. Like the slogan says, it is at the heart of Glasgow. Comparisons aside, the Merchant City has a wide variety of types of drinking outlets, from the traditional pub, to the more futuristic bar.

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