It means that now me, as a character, is actually pretty

I think the way the whole “You the class hero!” thing has affected the storyline kind of bothersome. It means that now me, as a character, is actually pretty friendly with a bunch of Horde factions. (As an Alliance character obviously) But now that we back in faction mode, and I be back to being the Alliance big boy general again how do we deal with the fact that certain factions and their leaders should be quite sympathetic towards me, as well as me being sympathetic towards them/that race..

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Johnson, a racist, said he wanted to kill white people, particularly white police officers, killed five police officers.The Dallas community was shocked by the horrific slaughter of police officers, and Jason Whitten of the Dallas Cowboys wanted to create a decal to be worn on the helmets of the Cowboys, honoring the police officers who fell.The NFL rejected that request to honor the slain Dallas police officers.That was the end. That weekend, I turned off the NFL and have not turned the NFL back on. If I had any doubts about my decision, they were erased a couple of weeks later.

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