Top 5 pubs (+2) in the City Centre

EB29 by Potatojunkie

Picture the situation, you are in Glasgow, in need of relaxation and a bit of entertainment, what’s the first thing you are gonna do? Right. Hit a pub. But, if you are looking for a nice one and hope to find the information in a guide or a review like this – forget it. You don’t really need it, in fact just follow the crowd in the central streets of the city, it will speak for itself and lead the closest way to the best place. Crowds can be different, young and energetic, older and mature, quiet and relaxed and so on, because Glasgow – the city with a strong drinking culture – can satisfy all tastes.

If you are still here with me, forget that I told you to forget the review and check this one for the top 7 pubs around Glasgow city centre.

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The Pot Still

A wee dram: top 5 whisky bars

The Pot Still by thousandshipz

‘A wee dram!’ is what you need to ask if you want to experience one of Scotland’s most seductive tastes, that of a good single malt whisky. If you want to impress with your Gaelic, just ask for a ‘uisge beatha’ (pronounced ishque bah), literally aqua vitae, or water of life. But this is not a language lesson, far from it; it is about bars and drinking. Although with these tips you can pretty much be understood in any of the many pubs and bars Glasgow has to offer, these are the five best places in which you can use your new words:

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Babbity Bowster

A drink (or two) in the Merchant City

Babbity Bowster by Lost in Scotland

If you haven’t yet, you should have a drink or two in one of the trendiest parts of Glasgow: the Merchant City. While the West End has a truly unique vibe (it is, oh, so very Glasgow), the Merchant City sometimes feels like downtown New York. Like the slogan says, it is at the heart of Glasgow. Comparisons aside, the Merchant City has a wide variety of types of drinking outlets, from the traditional pub, to the more futuristic bar.

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