Glasgow Film Theatre

Nothing like a good film on a rainy day…

GFT by Potatojunkie

The Glasgow Film Theatre isn’t just the best cinema in Glasgow – if you’re at all interested in independent, European, world, classic or arthouse movies, it’s the only cinema in Glasgow. Sure, it’s run in the kind of ramshackle, bordering on shambolic, way one might expect from a largely publicly-funded charity as opposed to a business proper, and it’s certainly not the most comfortable or spacious of the city’s picture houses, but that’s all part of its charm. And the technical malfunctions that occasionally mar screenings are seldom the fault of the staff – any cinema that tries to enliven its programme with obscure classics and cult gems, as the GFT does month in, month out, is bound to fall foul of the occasional dodgy print (like the virtually unwatchable one of Seven Samurai I endured in there a couple of years ago).

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